Dollar Tree Spider Scarf Wreath

Happy Halloween!!

I love this holiday. My favorite growing up. I loved seeing all the different houses looking SPOOKY, Monster movie marathons, scaring the pants off of my sister and ghost stories!
I really haven’t decorated much for this holiday in a few years. Just being busy with life and everything else… I suppose.

Since this was my baby girls first Halloween, I thought I might spook up the place a bit, not to spooky because she’s only 9 months old. I added a few cute spookies I have had forever to her playroom.
I wanted to do a more cute and spooky but inexpensive wreath this year. I saw all the cool spiders that Dollar Tree put out this year and thought how perfect!!!

I picked up some spider goodies to spook up my porch and front entryway.

Almost all of my supplies were from Dollar Tree. You can actually pick up everything you need at the dollar tree. The only exception was, my orange and black bakers twine, I picked up from the Target dollar spot.

Spooky Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need to spook up your front door:
1. wire wreath form
2. 2 spider halloween scarfs
3. 2 black plastic spiders
4. halloween bakers twine or floral wire
5. scissors


I just began by tying on the first scarf to the wire form. Next start wrapping the scarf around the form and scrunching as you go. Not to scrunched up. You want to see alot of the pattern on the scarf. But not to stretched out either. The scarf was rather transparent.

It took just a few minutes. Once I got the material how I wanted it. I then tied the second scarf to the end of the first. Again wrapping the scarf and scrunching until I got the desired look.

Next I took my Halloween bakers twine around the body of the spiders and tied it to the wire form. This was a little tricky since I had overlapped my scarfs where I wanted to place my spiders.

You can also use floral wire. It actually would be a tighter fit if you would like that. You could also hot glue the spiders on. I did not so I could reuse all the pieces in the future. I liked that my spiders moved a bit when the door opened and closed. Gave it a spookier feel. I just used bakers twine to attach this wreath to my front door. 

POOF!!  With the wave of my witches scissors?!! There it is your quick and easy Dollar Tree Spider Wreath. Super easy and super cute!

I hope you enjoyed this quick last minute wreath tutorial. Just in time for your Trick-or-Treaters! If you like this Pin me with the pic below!

Dollar Tree Spider Scarf Wreath at Hope's Crafty Niche

What is your favorite Halloween activity? Leave me a comment below and if you try this out find me on Instagram and send me a pic! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

(** This is not a sponsored post. I just love crafting for a bargain!**)

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