Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

So it has been waaayyy to long since I have posted. Basically squashing one of my New Years goals. But life has been crazy busy and hopefully it will start winding down soon.

I have been looking around my house lately, noticing all the dust bunnies,hairballs and general ickyness lurking in all my nooks and crannies. Which had my brain begging for spring cleaning planning. So this Spring/Summer, until all of my home has been de-cluttered,organized and spit shined, I am slowly cleaning it all! But instead of trying to clean it all in one very long and stressful week. I have devised a much better plan.

With warm weather starting and leading to cookouts, parties, weddings and so on. I am scrubbing my house one room(or zone) a week. This way my regular chores and just general busy tasks all get done and if life gets busy, No Problem! Just set aside one day (or two ūüėČ )to get it done. Which seems so much easier and way less time consuming.

Here is the list of things to get done:

  • Clean Walls,Ceiling and Trim etc..
  • Dust Everything
  • Clean Windows
  • Scrub Door Handles and Hinges
  • Clean Window Treatments,Light Fixtures and Couches.
  • De-clutter
  • Clean out Closets
  • Mop and Shine Floors
  • Oil Furniture

I even created this cute little checklist. Its very basic and covers the whole house. Just something I threw together while bored at work one day. Click the following link to download Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Want a more detailed list check out¬†Not Quite Susie Homemaker’s Checklist¬†this one is more detailed room by room.

Now on to the tips……

Some of my favorite cleaning tips are:

Mr Clean Microfiber Duster used for spring cleaning

Mr Clean Microfiber Duster used for spring cleaning

  1. Use Microfiber Duster(or Swiffer) to dust ceilings and walls. I love this trick it takes half the time to dry dust your walls and ceilings. Grabbing all those dust bunnies and cob webs that are just hanging out. The handles on these traditional floor dusters are great for reaching high areas. My favorite choice is my MR. Clean Microfiber Wet/Dry Mop I purchased at the Dollar General for around $8-$10.The refills are only $3. I usually keep 4 on hand. (Swiffer products work just as well and the cloths are disposable which makes clean up easier.) I also use this handy tool when washing my walls as well. Simply wet and wring out microfiber cloths put on duster and wash away! To dust properly start at the top and work your way down throughout the room. Example: Clean light fixtures,ceilings and tops of tall furniture first. The dust from these objects will fall down and you will pick it up as you work your way down.

    Magic Eraser Variety pack Cleaning scuff off of floor.

    Magic Eraser Variety pack
    Cleaning scuff off of floor.

  2. Magic Eraser is my FAVORITE scrubbing tool. This inexpensive scrubber is perfect for marks on walls,doors and scuffs on wood floors. Which I love because no harsh cleaners are required just simply wet and scrub away. Check out this post from to see other great uses for this product.
  3. Use toothbrushes for cleaning baskets and more.¬† I love using soft bristle toothbrushes for cleaning baskets, grooves and even the corners of floor trim. I also love soft dry toothbrushes to clean any fancy detail on furniture( where cloths and dusters just don’t reach). Stop by your nearest dollar¬†store (where you can get multi-packs for a couple bucks!) if you prefer cleaning with new brushes or simply bleach out an old one.



  4. Old Socks!  Yep one of my favorite dusting cloths is old  socks. Holey or not these are perfect for dusting. These are great when dusting because you can simply turn them inside out ,to trap dust, as you move around the room. I mean why pay tons on expensive cleaning rags when you can just clean out drawers! Right?mcmicrofibercloth
  5. Microfiber Cloths. Now I know I just said why pay more for cloths when socks are free, but these are super fantastic for scrubbing. They absorb liquids fast as well. These are also usually rather inexpensive. You can pick these up anywhere from online,grocery stores,department stores, and all the way down to my favorite, Dollar stores. If washed correctly these will keep there scrubbing effectiveness and last for a long time.
  6. Vinegar & Baking Soda. What can I say these natural home ingredients are perfect for tough jobs. Not to mention deodorizing almost everything around the house. Vinegar and dish soap is a great way to clean windows and showers. Want to know more about this powerful duo check out tons of Pinterest Boards  dedicated to these amazing cleaners.

While I have only finished two rooms so far. I am hopeful to have my whole house squeaky clean by July!! So hopefully I will be ready for the many cookouts  this summer.

I’m sure none of these are new to many readers out there. I just wanted to share some of my favorite products and tips to make spring cleaning not such a chore. Hope this was helpful! Looking for more tips and tricks?Check out my Pinterest.

What helpful products and tips do you love for spring cleaning?  Post your tips or suggestions in  the comments below.


*This is not a sponsored post. All views and opinions on these products are mine and mine alone! I only support companies and products I trust and use!

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