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Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us soon. So  I wanted to share a cute Valentine card craft that is great for class parties. I used to love making Valentine’s when I was a little girl. (Honestly, I still love making these for people!) I realize that most people are running themselves ragged. So by the time the holiday gets here. We are always  throwing something together last minute for parties.  I decided to create a printable card to make it easy for all the busy moms out there.

I found this cute rainbow background at Graphic Stock . I already had a package of rainbow colored pencils that I had picked up at Dollar General. These were great 8 in a pack for only $1!!


I decided these pencils would be cute with a rainbow valentine. But I didn’t want to just add a pencil. Originally I was hunting for erasers that go on the end of pencils in fun V-day shapes. But they were nowhere to be found. I found mini ones and flat ones ,that do not attach to the pencil, so instead I saw cute heart shaped pencil sharpeners. I decided to go with these instead. They were bright colored and cute.



I created this cute card on PicMonkey. It’s so easy and fun to use(even for graphically challenged peeps like me!). Here is the Free Rainbow Valentine Printable. I added a cute rainbow graphic to my super cute background. And 3 cards fit across one normal size sheet of paper.(see pic below.)

Free Valentine Printable

Once I created my printable,I printed it out on white paper,cut down and glued to a piece of  cardstock to strengthen the card. (Since my printer was too small to add the cardstock sheets in and print on those.) After they dried, I cut 2 small slits in the card with an Exacto Knife. Now After doing this I did not like the fact that my card would not lie flat. It kind of curled up from the pencil running through. So for the rest of my cards I decided to attach the pencils and sharpeners with scotch tape. Now my cards stayed flat and didn’t curl up. This seemed to work so much better and they look so much cuter. Most importantly they packaged better in bags to transport them.

Voila!! Super cute and easy cards for class parties! These would be easy for any small party. Just have your child sign the card and done. These are also easy to have the kids help with as well.



Hope you enjoyed this fun project! Don’t forget to grab your free printable HERE!

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