My spice drawer orginization using foam board and contact paper at Hope's Crafty Niche.

My Spice Organization Revamp



I have been having a time lately trying to come up with a great storage solution for my spices. Everything in the cabinet thrown in and strewn about. What a mess! I started with these cute little shoe boxes, which I covered with some very fabulous wrapping paper I picked up on clearance last Christmas at Hobby Lobby.

Before spices above the stove in shoe boxes.

Before spices above the stove in shoe boxes.

And for a while this system seemed to work okay. That is until i started picking up more spices for recipes I wanted to try. Boom! Spices everywhere. There had to be a better solution.

I looked all over Pinterest and the web looking for ideas that might work for my 50 year old cabinets. Now, I have bought a lot  of organizational products from multiple stores all with the same results, most of these did not work well in my older cabinets. Nothing seemed to fit my odd sized cabinets and drawers. After checking out a few pins I realized I had never tried seeing if any of my drawers were deep enough to stand them up. I had tried these for other storage purposes, only to realize most of my drawers were rather shallow. AHA! Luckily one was deep enough. Thank goodness.

My sister had showed me this great idea on YouTube. Where the amazing organizer used foam board as drawer dividers. Click HERE to see her YouTube tutorial. The foam board cost me about $1.30 a piece at Walmart.  I had left over shelving liner so I covered them and made them look pretty. I also purchased the shelf liner from Walmart as well. Here are the steps and supplies used in this project.

Supplies needed:

  • Foam board
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paper or Fabric to cover Foam Board
  • pencil and ruler
Steps 1-3 of How to make dividers.

Steps 1-3 of How to make dividers.

  1. Step 1: measure Length and depth of drawers and mark them on the foam board using a ruler. This is also where you will make any smaller pieces to make smaller compartments.
  2. Step 2: Cut them out using a good pair of scissors ( or Box Cutter as I did in the picture). Be careful when cutting ,as the edge of the foam board tends to get ragged and tear, leaving a not so clean edge.(Don’t worry if this isn’t perfect. You will be covering the edges anyway.)After you cut . Double check that the foam fits tight.

Step 3: Cover the foam with whatever paper, liner or fabric of your choice.

Step 4:    Now place the foam board pieces in the drawers. If you made smaller compartments like I did, this is when you will glue the smaller dividers to the main longer ones in the drawer. Hot Glue works best. It dries faster and firms quickly. Make sure you only glue to the other foam pieces. So you do not damage your original cabinets. One side should be glued to foam board and the other should fit firmly against the drawer edge. To see a video tutorial please click the link to YouTube  above.

TA DA! Instant drawer dividers.

TA DA! Instant drawer dividers.

Now it was time to label and organize my spices. I had bought these cute Martha Stewart Labels on clearance and was dying to use them. I had to cut some of the labels down in order to fit the tops of the original containers. After pulling out all of my spices, I realized how many extras I had that I just didn’t need, money wasted 🙁 !  But no longer! Now I can see everything I have and what I am running low on so much easier.

My spice drawer orginization using foam board and contact paper at Hope's Crafty Niche.

Here is my drawer before and after.



This project only took me about 30 mins and believe it or not a lot of fun. (I ‘m such an organizing nerd!) A great quick project you can do anytime.

Thanks so much for checking out my first post. I am looking forward to sharing more great crafts and organizing tips with you soon.





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